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12/17  Equi-musical: Sam Asher, Val Fowler, and Steve Gretz - First Unitarian Church


January 4, 2023
ATT: All Musicians - The Rochester Music Coalition Wants You!

Welcome to the RMC! We hope you will join us and the best part is, that membership in the Rochester Music Coalition is FREE! Please register for a login and password in order to take full advantage of all we have to offer. If you are a musician our website has some great tools and resources for you to use as you pursue your musical aspirations. It is important to make sure to fill out all the requested info in the Musicianís Directory here. This will be very helpful for people who may want to hire you for various musical events. In addition the Directories section has contact info and links for festivals, media outlets (print, radio, TV), stores, venues and more where you can submit or sell your music, get work, and promote yourself. Your membership will also allow you to post your shows on our Music Calendar and post free ads in the Classifieds section of our website.

For musicians and music fans alike, we have tons of links to music related info, products, services and much, much more in the Resources section and throughout the entire site. In the musicianís directory you can learn about all the wonderful talent of our members and their website links will lead you to where you can listen to their music. Our Music Calendar will tell you when and where our members are playing in the area so you can go out to see and hear them perform. We are constantly adding things here so please take the time to look through our entire website often so you donít miss out on anything.

We ask all members to please spread the word about the RMC to EVERYONE you know. If you have a website please add a link to us on it. The more that people know about us, the better it is for you.

If you wish to participate in any RMC events or projects you must be a registered member of the RMC and you or at least one member of your band must live in the Monroe or Livingston County area of NY State. You will also need to send us 3 copies of your CD (radio quality only and must be ORIGINAL music) and press kit/contact info to:
Rochester Music Coalition
PO Box 26378
Rochester NY 14626

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Rochester Music Coalition/RMC will not be held responsible in any way for anything that might arise from information or advice found within our websites, or from any contact/interactions of any kind with any of our members. Any contact with our members, information or advice offered and used or followed by others, is strictly at each personís own risk and discretion.

We look forward to hearing from you and thanks for joining the RMC!

January 3, 2023
Happy 23 Year Anniversary RMC!

The RMC is 23 years old as of January 2023! Not too bad for those naysayers who thought we would not survive. A huge thanks to all our valued members and supporters in the community. Please continue to spread the word and make use of the RMC's even larger presence on the internet this year. We ask that ALL members register on all of our sites to take advantage of the information and unique features that each one has to offer. Check out our companion websites at:

RMC at Facebook

RMC at My Space

January 2, 2023
Support your scene by donating to the RMC

By donating to the RMC you help support the art of music and have an active roll in the success of the music scene in the Rochester/Monroe/Livingston County area. We are fiscally sponsored by, and function under the non-profit umbrella of Livingston Arts
formerly known as Genesee Valley Council On the Arts. All donations are tax deductible. Please make out all checks, money orders and charges to:
Main line: Livingston Arts
NOTE: Please specify clearly on the memo line that your donation is for: Rochester Music Coalition

For further info contact or mail your donation to:
Livington Arts
Livingston Arts Center
4 Murray Hill Drive
Mount Morris NY 14510
Phone: 585-243-6785
Fax: 585-243-6787
E-mail: mail@livingstonarts.org

We do not require dues from any of our members - all of our income is derived from donations and benefit shows. Your donations will be used to: provide services to our members, for website hosting/development, RMC operating costs/materials, publicity, and other various RMC events and projects.

NOTE: After you post your events on the RMC Calendar make sure check out the Livingston Arts Calendar
and post your events there too.

January 1, 2023
RMC Hall Of Fame/In Memoriam

In the RMC Hall Of Fame section here you will find tributes to notable Rochester, Monroe and Livingston County musicians, and memorable events in the area's music history. If you know of anyone who should be recognized for their accomplishments in the field of music, please let us know. We have also taken some space to recognize current and former members of our community who have made major accomplisments in their varied fields (besides music) over the years.

The In Memoriam section of our site pays tribute to those whose song was silenced before its time...

December 19, 2022
Local music on the air! Have your say...

We need your feedback. The RMC is currently collecting data to provide to radio stations in our area as to the interest in hearing local music on the radio. It will only take a few seconds and your input is vital to the success of this project. Tune into Rochester and support your scene Ė the music is here!

Take our poll and let us know!

December 17, 2022
RMC Partner - The Rochester Music Hall Of Fame

The RMC has been compiling lists of notable Rochester area, Monroe and Livingston County musicians, those who have enriched our music scene, memorable events in the area's music history, and eventually we will induct the best of the best into the Rochester Music Coalition Hall of Fame section of our website. It has always been a major goal of the RMC to have an actual physical structure to honor these people, and now thanks to one of our coalition partners, The Rochester Music Hall of Fame, that dream is closer than ever to becoming a reality. As they begin to induct people into the Rochester Music Hall of Fame, they will automatically be inducted into ours here as well. The RMC is going to do everything possible to assist them in their endeavors, and we ask that all our members help them out too. You can learn more at:
Rochester Music Hall Of Fame

If you know of anyone who should be recognized for their accomplishments related to the field of music, and who should be added to the Hall Of Fame section here on our website, please let us know.

December 16, 2022
Grants For Your Music Projects Or Organization

Our fiscal sponsor Genesee Valley Council on the Arts
is the place for anyone living in Monroe or Livingston counties to apply for grant money for your individual music projects, Arts in Education or Community Arts grants. These grants are funded through the Decentralization program of the New York State Council on the Arts. To learn more or apply for one of these grants visit the Genesee Valley Council on the Arts - Grants website:

Genesee Valley Council on the Arts - Grants

December 15, 2019
WBER 90.5 FM - Supports Local Music In Regular Rotation

RMC wishes to thank Program Director Joey Guisto and WBER 90.5FM for continuing to add local bands into regular rotation. Also tune into the Local Show every Sunday night from 7:00-9:00 PM for two hours of local music programming. If you wish to get your music played on the Local Show send a copy of your CD with press kit and complete contact info to:
WBER Local Show
Monroe #1 BOCES
41 O`Connor Road
Fairport NY 14450

For more info check out their website:

December 14, 2019
WBEE 92.5 FM Ė The Bee Supports Local Country Music

WBEE 92.5 FM is looking for original country or country influenced music to play on its local music show Upstate Onstage airing on Sunday nights from 9:00 Ė 10:00 PM. If you wish to submit your music for airplay on this show, send CD, bio and press kit to:
Brian Chase
WBEE 92.5 FM
70 Commercial Street
Rochester NY 14614

For more info call or check out their website:
WBEE 92.5 FM
WBEE Upstate Onstage

December 13, 2019
WITR - Local Music On The Radio

WITR 89.7 FM is featuring local musicians performing live in their studios. Send complete press kits (CD, bio contact info) to:
ATT: Music Director
WITR 89.7 FM
32 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester NY 14623

You can get more info on WITR at their website:

December 11, 2019
Rochester Free Radio Looking For Local Music

Rochester Free Radio is looking for local music past and present to play on their radio station and for musicians to perform live in their studio. They are also trying to build up a local music historical archive as well so if you have music from artists and bands from the past Ė even those that are no longer performing anymore, please send that music to them as well. You can send digital music files (NOTE: files should be at least 320bps) to them via e-mail or send physical copies to them at the address below.

Rochester Free Radio
1115 East Main Street
Suite AB203
Rochester NY 14609

Phone: 585-315-7687
E-mail: rochesterfreeradio@gmail.com

Rochester Free Radio
Rochester Free Radio On Facebook

December 10, 2019
3 Internet Radio Stations Looking For Your Music

Getting independent music to the masses. They ask that all artists visit the submit music page on their website before sending any music. They will need info on you including, music rights and any affiliations they may have with the Record Industry and their main focus is original artists, doing original works. They will accept any format that you have your music in and they can convert most formats (if not all) to the format they are using.

They would like to start a weekly local show. One day a week for 2-4 hours, nothing but local artists. The time will depend on how many artists submit music. They would also like to do interviews with local artists to play during that 2-4 hour time period. Any artist wanting to particpate can drop them line. Again, the music must be 100% indie and no cover tunes, original artists and music only. Your music could also end up in their daily rotation. In addition they are putting together a video selection page, so if your band has a video and would like for them to host it, let them know. Submit your music/video via mail or e-mail at:

103 Alden Road
Rochester NY 14626

If you have any questions or to submit your music via e-mail contact Greg Dawson at

WDYN Independent Radio 100.1
If you wish to submit your music please include this statement with your submission: I hereby grant Dynamic Independent Radio (WDYN.NET) permission to play my music on their station. I understand WDYN does not pay royalites. Sign it, date it and send it to:

WDYN Independent Radio 100.1
2844-46 Dewey Avenue
Rochester NY 14616

Phone: 585-621-6270
Fax: 585-621-6278
E-Mail: wdyn@wdyn.net

June 29, 2019
City Newspaper Offers Free Classified Ads And Website Promo To Musicians

After posting your free classified ad here on the RMC website, make sure to send it to City Newspaper as well. They offer free classified ads for musicians every week in Jam Section. Call 244-3329 Ext 23 or e-mail:
Full name, mailing address and daytime phone number must accompany all ads or they will not be accepted. Limit is 25 words and deadline is Fridays at 5:30 PM.

City Newspaper

June 28, 2019
NBC Looking For Singers For TV Show - The Voice

NBC and Executive Producers John de Mol & Mark Burnett are looking for "The Voice." This is a show about real talent, the best voice, right attitude, unique sound and performance that makes a lasting impression. All music styles are welcome. You can audition online with their interactive audition tool or in person. NOTE: If you wish to audition in person, you must register ahead of time on their website before attending the audition:
The Voice Registration Info

US cities will be holding auditions so see their website for details.

Open Call Audition Requirements:

Please bring the following to auditions:
Completed application and release forms
Be prepared to sing two (2) songs that showcase your vocal stylings.
You may sing a cappella, to a track of your choice (CD or MP3 of the track to be provided by you) or with one instrument (also to be provided by you). You may be asked to perform a song of the producer's choice.

Please plan to be at the audition all day. We suggest bringing snacks and water. You may be asked to stay for a call back the next day, so please plan accordingly. For more info, contact The Voice at 1-877-919-7164 or e-mail them at:

For more info visit their website at:
The Voice

June 28, 2019
House of Guitars & Record Archive Support Local Musicians

The House of Guitars & Record Archive support the musicians in our area with special sections in their stores devoted to local music. They also have a performance areas if you would like to schedule a time to play live in the store to promote your CD. If you have a CD you would like them to sell for you or play live in the store, you can contact them at:
House Of Guitars
645 Titus Avenue
Rochester NY 14617
House of Guitars

Record Archive
33-1/3 Rockwood Street
Rochester NY 14610
Phone: 585-244-1210
Fax: 585 244-7408
Record Archive

June 25, 2019
Public Knowledge Music Licensing Info & Copyright Tutorial For Musicians

Copyright law is changing rapidly in the face of new technologies. Increasingly, laws and policies written in a pre-VCR world are being applied to a post-YouTube society. Public Knowledge, a Washington D.C.- based public interest group focuses on the intersections between copyright law and the Internet. Check out their website for information on music licensing and their copyright tutorial for musicians.
Public Knowledge Music Licensing Info
Public Knowledge Copyright Tutorial For Musicians
Public Knowledge

June 24, 2019
Healthcare Info For Musicians

Itís often challenging for musicians to try and keep track of all the policy issues that can potentially impact their lives and livelihoods. In the unprecedented day-to-day chaos and unpredictability of our current unconventional political environment, it can be even harder. So hereís a quick update on one of the most important issues facing musicians, some questions answered, and some thoughts about what may lie ahead.
Whatís going on with healthcare, and what does it mean for musicians?

June 23, 2019
Musicians Unite

Musicians Unite has been created by musicians that are dedicated to and passionate about helping their fellow musicians of all ages, styles, and skill levels achieve their musical goals by assisting them in more easily networking with, learning from, supporting and inspiring each other! Their goal every day is to continue to build a positive, fun and inspiring community that benefits all members by providing a home to come together to share and learn from one another.

Musicians Unite

June 22, 2019
Future Of Music Coalition

Future of Music Coalition (FMC) is a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit organization supporting a musical ecosystem where artists flourish and are compensated fairly and transparently for their work. FMC works with musicians, composers and industry stakeholders to identify solutions to shared challenges. We promote strategies, policies, technologies and educational initiatives that always put artists first while recognizing the role music fans play in shaping the future. FMC works to ensure that diversity, equality and creativity drives artist engagement with the global music community, and that these values are reflected in laws, licenses, and policies that govern any industry that uses music as raw material for its business.

Future Of Music Coalition

February 18, 2019
FREE - Disc Makers Music Guides

Free guides from Disc Makers and the Music Player Network packed with tips and articles designed for anyone involved in audio recording. It contains in-depth information about writing, recording, mixing, mastering and more.

Disc Makers Music Guides

December 21, 2015
On Stage

Some of Rochesterís best musicians hit the stage on WXXI's OnStage. See great past performances, intimate interviews, compelling stories about some of your favorite local musicians!

For performers, schedules and more check out their website: On Stage

December 12, 2015
YouTube Rochester NY Music Channel

This channel is a showcase for local bands and musicians, as well as spoken word artists and poets, from the Rochester NY scene and the surrounding areas. There you will find music videos, live performances, as well as interviews and updates.

Rochester NY Music Channel

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