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Basic info
Name Stone Soul Foundation
Formed On 2002
# of Members 5
Homepage StoneSoulFoundation.com
Contact/Booking info
Name Dan Dennis
Phone 315-776-9776
E-mail Dirtydan54@hotmail.com
Misc My Space

Powerful High Energy Retro Flavored Modern Blues Rock.
Listen for yourself @

Sean Muldoon - Lead Vocals & Percussion
Sean Muldoon resembles a character from the bible, with his dreadlocks and his full beard. He sings with the conviction of a holy man while flailing around on stage like a crazed witch doctor. His vocal influences range from Wilson Pickett to James Hetfield. His lyrics are about subjects light hearted and intense alike. Love and life is the fountain from which he draws his ink. Jeff Wiggins - Guitars & Vocals
Jeff Wiggins is a whirlwind of energy and determination. He combines blues and funk with his very own heavy fisted rock sound. He, along with Dan can captivate the listener with a soft melody if it's called for. S.S.F. is a very integral part of who Jeff is. He writes and performs as if his life depends on it. Jeff Wiggins is a great inspiration to the rest of the band.

Dan Dennis - Guitars & Vocals Then there is Dan Dennis. The gypsy. Probably the most mysterious of the group. Mysterious or not, once he emerges himself into the music of STONE SOUL FOUNDATION one question is answered. Does he rock? Yes! Dan, along with Jeff, possesses the know-how and the great amount of initiative to do more than his part in propelling the band towards success. Shane Stillman - Drums & Vocals
Shane Stillman is the Harley riding mad man of the group. Whether he's got a saddle or a drum throne beneath him, he's rumbling along with power and precision. To Shane, a crowd of listeners is like an open road before him. He likes to ride them both. He is a mad machine on the drum kit. Shane is the rolling back bone of S.S.F.'s music.

Doug Paradise - Bass
If Shane is the back bone, then Doug Paradise is the muscle. Doug's a true rock bass player. Influenced by classic and modern rock alike. He's kinda quiet and to himself until he gets on stage. That's when the comfort of Stone Soul Foundation takes over. He is a self proclaimed pocket bass player, but don't let that fool ya.

All music that makes people move.


Jan.29th ---------- Downtown Manhattan's - Syracuse ---------- 10pm

March 12th ------------------- Spirits - Auburn ------------------ 10pm

March 17th ------------------- The Haunt - Ithaca ----------------- 9pm

March 25th ----------------- Tommy's - Newark ----------------- 10pm

March 26th --- SKULL FEST. -- All Things Art - Canandaigua --- 8:30pm

April 2nd --------------- Broadway Joe's - Buffalo ---------------- 9pm

April 9th -------------------- Wylie J's - Geneva ----------------- 10pm

April 15th ---------------- Penny Arcade - Rochester -------------- 9pm

April 23rd -------------- The Savoy - Watkins Glen --------------- 9pm

April 29th ------- Cornell Last Class Celebration - Ithaca --------- 4pm

April 30th ------------------- Spirits - Auburn -------------------- 10pm

May 6th ---------------- Cats - Pawtucket, RI --------------------- 9pm

May 7th --------------- Ralph's Diner - Worcester, MA ------------ 9pm

May 9th --- Road to K-Rockathon - Club Tundra - Syracuse -- 8:30pm

May 13th ------------- Greene's Ale House - Oswego ------------- 9pm

May 27th ---------------------- The Haunt - Ithaca ---------------- 9pm

May 28th ------------ J.B.'s (old spin outs) - Auburn ------------- 9pm

June 2nd ------------------ Castaway's - Ithaca ------------------- 9pm

June 10th ----------- California Brew Haus - Rochester ----------- 9pm

June 17th --------------------- Spirits - Auburn ------------------- 9pm

June 18th ---------------- Benefit Show - Auburn ---------------- 2pm

June 18th ------------ Canal Fest. - Seneca Falls -------------- 5:30pm

June 22nd --------------- Port Byron - Block Party ---------------- 5pm

June 22nd ---- Road to K-Rockathon - Club Tundra - Syracuse -- 9pm

June 24th ----------------- Holiday Inn - Waterloo ---------------- 9pm

June 25th -------------- Rydolph's - Henderson, NY -------------- 9pm

June 29th ---- K-Rockathon Finals - Club Tundra - Syracuse ----- 9pm

July 8th ------------------- The Bakery - Cuba, NY -----------------9pm

July 9th -------------------- The Hickey - Allegany ---------------- 9pm

July 15th -------------- Club O'brians - Clayton, NY -------------- 9pm

July 16th ------------ Rusted Route - Watertown, NY ------------- 2pm

July 22nd ------------- Obrien's Bike Shop - Elbridge ------------- 6pm

July 23rd ---- Obrien's Bike Rally - Rolling Wheels Raceway ----- 5pm

July 29th -------------------- Spirits - Auburn --------------------- 9pm

July 30th ---------------- The Savoy - Watkins Glen -------------- 9pm

August 5th ----------------- Tommy's - Newark ------------------- 9pm

August 13th ---------------- Club Tundra - Syracuse -------------- 9pm

August 19th -------------- Rydolph's - Henderson, NY ------------ 9pm

August 20th --------------- Youth Center - Cortland -------------- 8pm

August 26th ------------------ Wylie J's - Geneva ----------------- 9pm

September 9th -------------- Lucky's - Cortland ------------------- 9pm

September 10th ------------- Millenniums - Rochester ------------ 9pm

September 17th ------------- Holiday Inn - Waterloo ------------- 9pm

September 23rd ---------------- Spirits - Auburn ----------------- 9pm

October 1st ---------------- Halligans - Syracuse ----------------- 9pm

October 7th --------- Tavern on the Flats - Seneca Falls ---------- 9pm

October 14th -------------- Broadway Joe's - Buffalo ------------- 9pm

October 21st ---------- California Brew Haus - Rochester --------- 9pm

November 11th --------------- The Hickey - Allegany ------------- 9pm

November 23rd ---------------- Spirits - Auburn ------------------ 9pm

December 17th ------------- Millenniums - Rochester ------------- 9pm

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